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Promoting Huizenga Genealogy. Ulrum, Emigrating . Ottawa Carleton Male Choir and Dutch Treat Singers,

50 Years in Canada September 16 1970. September 16 2020.

For the benefit of everybody out there with the same surnames as ours: The reason that we spell our name Huizenga with an 'e' is that, when Henk's Grand father was born, his last name was misspelled by the clerk of the Township of Ulrum. This clerk did not want to correct his mistake. The rest of Opa's brothers and sister spell their name with an ' i '. That's how it was back in 1905.

We were born in Ulrum, Groningen, the Netherlands and after our marriage lived in Delfzijl for the next four years. There we received two beautiful children, Nanda,our daughter and Mike our son.
Then our big adventure started. We decided to emigrate and chose Canada to be our new home. Henk and Fran Huizenga sailed aboard the 'Stefan Batory' (The old 'Maasdam' from the Holland America Line) into Montreal, Canada on September 16, 1970. We remember one other person on that trip, Maarten van Achteren The first year we did the immigrant thing and worked and lived on a farm in Waterville,Nova Scotia. We then moved, with everything we owned in a small U-Haul trailer, to a small village about 20 km. south of the Nations Capital, Ottawa.
And here we are, a lot older and a bit wiser!

Stefan Batory

Passengers list Tss STEFAN BATORY 1970

September 10 1970 leaving Rotterdam

Henk with Mike, Nanda and Fran at Dining table On board of the Stefan Batory. September 1970

Passenger list September 1970 Rotterdam /Montreal

Fran with the kids during safety drill on board Stefan Batory September 1970

Passenger list Henk, Fran,Nanda,Mike Huizenga  

 Our Hut on the "Stefan Batory" with Mike and Nanda and myself


Fran with Mike and Nanda on the back of the Stefan Batory September 1970

TSS STEFAN BATORY at the Iberville Passenger Terminal - Alexandra Pier in Montreal, Canada,

Our First car 1964  Chev Impala Waterville N S

Menno, Nico & Dirk Visser from Waterville, Nova Scotia, sponsored us so we could emigrate to Canada in 1970

Video from the departure in Rotterdam with the Stefan Batory


Immigrating to Canada September 6 1970
















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