Henk Huizenga - Sales Representative Ottawa Valley Harvestore Systems Promoting: Huizenga Genealogy and Male Choruses.

Promoting Huizenga Genealogy. Ulrum, Emigrating . Ottawa Carleton Male Choir and Dutch Treat Singers,

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Family Picture 2020 


In this photo:  Our Family April 2018

This is our Story

 We were born in Ulrum, Groningen 1944 the Netherlands, we where at kindergarden and the first 6 grades in the same school , after that Fran went to ULO and I went to LTS got Married in 1966 July 19 and after our marriage lived in Delfzijl for the next four years. There we received two beautiful children, Nanda,our daughter and Mike our son.

I started to work at the age of 16 years. First year in a Volkswagen Garage ,then working for a  Farm equipment manufactor "Oldenhuishttp://www.springerlink.com/content/v818704806136342/  for 3 years, then of to the Army 1.5 years, from there we left for Delfzijl en workt at Lommerts transport/lommerts_-_delfzijl       http://lommertsreunie.blogspot.com/            Roelof Jansma was my Boss, Great time, after 4 years we moved to Canada.

We were  25 years old when we Imigrated to Canada, and started with 35 dollars in our pocket !

. We sailed aboard the 'Stefan Batory' www.henkhuizenga.com/iimigratingwithstefanbato.htm the Holland America Line) into Montreal, Canada on September 16, 1970. The first year we did the immigrant thing and worked and lived on a farm in Waterville,Nova Scotia. I worked on the farm (Visser brothers) for half year, after that i worked for Kees Holleman (Garage) We then moved, with everything we owned in a small U-Haul trailer, to a small village about 20 km. south of the Nations Capital, Ottawa.
Where i started to work for Metcalfe Service Centre  metcalfeservicecentre.htm   from 1971 to 1994     And from 1994 to today for Ottawa Valley Harvestore Systems http://www.ottawavalleyharvestore.com/  



 I am the Sales Representitive for Harvestore Storage Systems , SlurryStore Systems, Digestors, XL Unloaders, 8900H  ForceFlow Unloaders, , and HIVE control panel  ,NIR solutions by Dinamica Generale. for Eastern Ontario .ottawavalleyharvestore.com/testimonials/i

Coordinator for the Ottawa Carleton Male Choir http://www.ottawacarletonmalechoir.com/

 And the Dutch Treat song and dance http://dutchtreat.webs.com/whoweare.htm  we are looking for new Members!

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 Glen Gregory and Henk  Huizenga

At the annual sales meeting in  PalmSprings California February 2012


 Henk and Fran Huizenga

 At the anual sales meeting in Naples Florida February 2011


Henk and Fran Huizenga -

At the annual sales meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, February, 2010.






February 2011 Snow removing at home

Salute to the Dairy Farmers








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