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New XL 200 unloader installed at Guy Piche in Casselman

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Harvestore Introduces new Talon Unloader Chain ,                           December 19 2011

 Harvestore® Talon™ Unloader Chain Promises High Delivery and Low Maintenance

CST Storage is proud to introduce the Harvestore Talon™ unloader chain for Harvestore™ unloaders.

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”HarvestoreAfter months of research and testing, the Harvestore Talon enters the market as the most efficient, highest delivery chain and hook combination in the industry, says Rick Jones, Commercial Services Director of Agriculture for CST Storage. According to Jones, the Harvestore Talon has tested 39% stronger overall than prescribed specifications because of its design and side bar materials.

“Two of the main qualities we were aiming for while developing the new line of Harvestore unloader chains were strength and efficiency,” Jones says. “Farmers demand that their bottom unloader chain functions reliably with every use, and we feel the Harvestore Talon answers their call.”

”HarvestoreEach Harvestore Talon chain is composed of high quality alloy stainless steel and includes a side bar with more material surrounding pitch holes at each end. The new side bar also contains chromium for improved strength and wear resistance. Harvestore Talon chains incorporate a new bushing style to maintain proper side bar position, which eliminates movement of the side bars and any interference with sprocket teeth, says Jones.

“The Harvestore Talon has a very tight side bar-to-bushing press fit to keep the side bar in place. This maintains proper chain link assembly and side bar orientation while assuring that the side bar is not over-stressed during its operation, which is crucial in extending the life of the chain,” Jones says. “There is not another bottom unloader chain available that has the strength and durability features of the Harvestore Talon.”

Harvestore Talon unloader chains are backed by a “Best in Industry” warranty. They are manufactured in DeKalb, IL and are available through the Authorized Harvestore Dealer Network and are backed by a “Best in Industry” warranty. Harvestore Talon chains are compatible with Harvestore Goliath®, Alliance® and XL™ unloaders. For more information about Harvestore Talon unloader chains, contact Rick Jones at 815-756-1551 ext. 252. To learn more about Harvestore, visit www.Harvestore.com.






              Ottawa Valley Harvestore System


 Celebrating 30 years in business !


Andy Puenter  Chesterville  Preowned  20 x 90 Harvestore Structure  September 2011

Clint Broeders new Harvestore owner September2010

New Service trucks September 2010

 Dave Carmichael with his service crew from L to R,                                                    Joshua Couperus, Mike Ducharme, Rick Powel, Dave Carmichael, Chris Phillips


Happy Customer  July 2010

After 37 years of using the Goliath Unloaders  it was time to go with new technology!!!                            Variable speed and High performance!

XL Unloader demonstration September 2010

  Dave Carmichael, service manager at Ottawa Valley Harvestore Systems, demonstrates one of the company’s latest generation of unloaders, the XL model, capable of delivering feed at a rate of 350 lbs per minute out of the Harvestore silo at Tony and Mike Sanders’s dairy operation outside Berwick — Farside Farms. The new unloader runs at double the capacity of Harvestore’s previous generation of unloaders. It also has no belts, pulleys, springs or pawls, resulting in lower maintenance and operational costs.  


Latour knows how to milk money from his cows    2010


ST. ALBERT — Denis Latour knows how to squeeze a buck out of a cow.

The 48-year-old dairy farmer shared the number two spot in the "Top herds for milk value" on the Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) report with another eastern dairy farmer, Luc Fredette, of Plantaganet.

Latour grossed $8,435 on average per year from his 81 cows, with a production average of 11,000 kilograms. The top money making herd in the province, owned by John Albrecht of Perth County, grossed $23 more per cow.

While milk production was satisfying for Latour, it was the fat production, 4.1 per cent, in his Holstein herd that put him in the number two position. His protein was 3.6 per cent.

"We have always bred for fat and protein," Latour told Farmers Forum.

The "milk value" numbers reflect "the most efficient and profitable herds," said Richard Cantin, manager of marketing and customer service with DHI. "The last kilograms of milk or fat produced are produced the most efficiently and most profitably." However, the ratings don’t measure costs.

Latour, who is also president of St. Albert Cheese, said he makes perfect feed from the 350 acres he farms and he keeps it in his oxygen limiting silo where it maintains its quality. The ration is formulated by Francois Jacques, of the St. Albert Co-operative. Latour feeds the milking herd four times per day.

"You need a certain amount of genetics" to get high production, he said. "When it comes to performance, a four cylinder car will always be a four cylinder car." High production requires capacity and power. His cows are big, averaging 1,800 pounds.

"I can’t remember when I had a bull running around in the barn," he said.

Everything in the barn is designed for the comfort of the cows, from the quality of the air to the head rails. They are 40" high and the stalls five-feet wide. He changes the bedding twice a day.

The cows are milked twice a day in a tie stall setup, but he no longer milks because he hurt his back too many times playing hockey. He has a full-time hand milking cows.

He has four children. The twin boys attending Alfred College will be coming home to farm.

While most of the crop goes into the dairy herd, he sold 50 tonnes of beans last year and 200 tonnes of corn.

Latour graduated from Kemptville College in 1981 with a diploma in dairy production and management.




Howard Ryan increased production by purchasing 20x60 Harvestore structure for HMC see story below



Ryandale Farms celebrates 150th anniversary
Young couple carries on lengthy family heritage

By Glenda Eden - AgriNews Staff Writer


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  • RICEVILLE— According to land registry documents in L’Orignal, Ryandale Farms was established on August 10, 1860 when Hugh Ryan took possession of 200 acres of land on the banks of the Nation River in Plantagenet Township. Five years later, the parcel of land was divided and registered to Hugh and his brother, George.






    In 2007 a new, south-facing, packed bed heifer barn was built. Housing 45 head, the calves are sent over when weaned and don’t come home to the milking barn until they are about to freshen. Grouped by age in four pens, they aren’t over-crowded in the group housing, but do have to compete for feed, says Chris, so they come back into the milking herd more aggressive eaters. In 2008 Chris and Howard put up a Harvestore silo for high moisture-feed.

    Those two improvements alone saw their production rise from 8,000 kilos to 9,800 kilos in the first lactation. Giving them the best value for their money, those improvements have increased revenue and decreased costs. Being a hoof trimmer himself, Chris also sees the value in trimming twice a year. The difference it makes in production and cow health and comfort, not just in his own barn but in the barns he works in is clearly evident. The herd average currently sits at 11,000 kilos.  

    At the farm’s 150-year milestone that is one of Chris Ryan’s goals. "I want to be a Master Breeder."

    Friends and neighbours who would like to share the anniversary celebration with the Ryan family on Saturday, August 7 can contact Chris at 613-227-9974

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        New Product for Ottawa Valley Harvestore System

      HEXA-COVER !  (See Video ) Amazing Product!

      March, 2010

      Greatario  is pleased to announce that we are now the Canadian Hexa-Cover® Distibutor.
      We are very excited to introduce this product to the Canadian market, and feel that there will be a strong reaction to the "floating tile".
      More about Hexa-Cover®

      NEW PRODUCTS for 2010

                                                                 17'/20'/25'/ up to 110' with new vitrium coating

                                                               28' x 110' Harvestore Structure Capacity 1250 tonne Haylage

       PRECISION FEEDING SYSTEM                                   

      The New  patend IRM Analyzer Intellegend Ration Management sytem will check out your DM, Protein, ADF, NDF on the go when filling your TMR system!

      With in 30 Seconds the Analyzer wil pick up this information and sent it wireless to your computer and from there to your scale to correct your ration !!

      For More information see Precission FEEDING or Video







      Farm Tours availible at: 

      Dan Hanenberg, Navan         Rovibec Dec Automated Feeding System

      Janet Acres, Kars                   Rovibec Dec Automated Feeding System

      Christian Surprenant, C asselman  25'x90' Harvestore XL; 400 Unloader

                                                             With Automated Feeding System

      Guy Piche,Casselman                     25'x90' Harvestore; Alliance Unloader

                                                             With Automated Feeding System

       Christian Lafleche,St- Albert          (2) 25'x90' Structures

                                                              (2) XL200 Unloaders

                                                             With Automated Feeding System!

      Derek Scullion, Gatineau                20'x110' Harvestore XL 200 Unloader

                                                             Rovibec Automated Feeding System

       Brian & Bruce Hudson, Pakenham   101'x15' Slurry Store Tank



      Call Henk Huizenga for information: 1800-267-7940  hhuizenga@ontharvestore.com


       See Projects in 2010

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      Riedbow Dairy  Elm Creek  Manitoba "From Bunkers to Harvestore"


                                4 Harvestore Structures 25'x110' equipped with XL400 Unloaders Milking 650 Cows

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